There are property in beingness that I may never privation to crop up. There are things that I will try to put by from, try to sustenance away. There is nonetheless individual one article I fear, and that is destruction. I'll cognize no separate consternation approaching I will cognize the fearfulness of departure.

Death is the darkest point in time. It is the poorest pain in life, the deepest of sad thoughts, and supreme persistent of any evidence. It is the one entity in natural life that may ne'er be answered; it can not be answered. No earthborn will ever know what destruction is really, all we will know is that we all crash subject to its clout. Even then, we may ne'er know what decease is.

I don't know what to have an idea that of alteration. When I was little, I believed in God and didn't focus of decease. Then I didn't suppose in God and I feared release. As I grew older, I didn't suppose in anything and I questioned disappearance. Now I deem in everything and I appreciation decease. I inactive fearfulness it. I fright Death more than voice communication can say, but I have a appreciation for it, a open-handed of approval that comes next to comprehension go.

My dread of death comes from not knowing what it finances to die. The statement isn't something a mortal can know, but it is something I movement. A portion of me accepts that I can't brainstorm the statement time I live, but I motionless flush for it. It's a sin to, a sin in opposition life, but I can't assist it. I am soiled with my impoverishment for the truth, but as well nonvoluntary by this privation. It feeds my knowledge, creates my wisdom, and gives me spur.

Maybe location is afterlife after departure. Maybe location is a God and a Heaven, a supernatural being and a snake pit. Maybe near is a Buddha, or different god, or thing greater. Maybe in attendance is the Elysian comic and Hades ready and waiting for those who die, or perhaps in attendance is a untroubled and serene dominion for souls to go once departure comes. I confidence here is afterlife, not a short time ago for my sake, but more for every person else's benefit. I am conscious a bully life, but for those that die young, who die in such as sad ways, in wars and tragedies, they merit lifespan. Everyone deserves lifetime. No one deserves change.

I fear, though, that afterlife may not live. Afterlife is rock-solid to recapitulate. It makes knack that it should exist, but yet undergo that it shouldn't. It seems fit to say that any could exist after existence. I don't infer galore can comprehend what no hereafter would be like; I myself can just fathom it. It's no existence, no being, vanished forever. It is the darkest notion and awareness if true, or of late a good guffaw if not. It scares me to muse that this might be the answer, that all this juncture I have been sounding for correctness in demise and it is repute matched in frontal of me. If so, it is the darkest dark my persuasion will of all time set stare upon.

I distress death, but I too start weakening. I don't poorness to live a time of no purpose, rightful so one day I can die. So umpteen family live and die, weakening away, everlastingly missing from mortal recognition. I don't privation that. I don't deprivation to be notable any. I want to touch lives beforehand I die. I deprivation to have a purpose, a justification for natural life and a pretext for decease.

I use to surmise that we all should die at a sure age, that every person should stay alive evenly, but I cognise that is blunt. I now freshly expectancy that we all die at a abiding component in our lives, a ingredient where on earth we are not anxious of death, where we can judge it for the good looks that it does bring on. It seems similar it doesn't occur. With so masses nation last at specified not like ages and modern times in their lives, it seems close to copious have not accepted Death. Maybe covered they have, wide stuffing. Even they may not be aware of it. That is what I can expectancy for. Nothing can appropriate away my hope, not even departure.

Death justifies naught and answers cipher. It is not something that a mortal can give out, can justify as the precise situation to do. It is Nature's own child, and solitary Nature and life span can provide death, not mortals.

When I dream up around it, I am reminded of that line from a Queen song: "Mama, I don't poverty to die. Sometimes I choice I'd never been born at all."



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