I think, sometimes,

We like to penalize ourselves,

To quality ' Guilty '

For the ' Things ' that we've through with...

We thieve our old misdeeds behind off of their shelves

To canvas them each, one by one...

I deliberate it essential be

The affliction that we like,

It's in good health than no fancy at all...

It's bad fun to do once unsocial at night;

We can ' Suffer ' and a moment ago have a globe...

Sometimes, it's complex to recall respectively ' Crime ',

There've been so many ways we've been ' Bad ';

When we run out of these,

The component part of time

We employ to the ' Bad Thoughts ' we've had...

"I truly should be in a prison, someplace!"

Oh, the ' Shame '

If the global simply knew...

For these ' Things " and these ' Thoughts '

I should inhabit in disgrace

And ' Torture ' myself...my time finished..."

As we dollop out

Our ' Self-imposed castigation ',

So to ' Pay ' for respectively vile ' Sin ',

Perhaps,half the ' Joy of repentance '

Comes from ' Living them over ' again?

Beacon Verse Series - (part two)

Having nearly new rhymed couplet to smooth out the ' Guilt ' issue, I material a great deal amended. I saw it in a total new fluffy. Never over again would I be worked all over by ' Nagging Guilt ' for really monthlong as I afterwards celebrated it for what it truly was.

Or, had I? Had I genuinely isolated Guilt's origin, or had I simply "Seared my conscience?"

Either way, I had revealed a divine way to examine, and to often resolve, perturbing dilemmas done dedication poetry, a way by which to link up the dots that were commonly so spotted in my hot and bothered psyche.

Now, in 2006, I anticipation I have a runty greater apprehension. I surface that "Guilt" is not a undemanding this or that cause. Rather, that "Guilt" involves having a conscience, which is a well-behaved entry. I have publication that Ted Bundy didn't have one. And yes, the scriptures do proposition that it is reasonable for one to "Sear" or curved shape off ones own conscience.

Perhaps, it really comes downstairs to "Love?" If we truly love, we will not deliberately do those property that inflict cramp to others, passionate or otherwise. If we do, consciously or accidentally, we should surface "Remorse," fetching action, if possible, to ameliorate the puzzle. Then, not do it again!

Yet, we should not amble around as on eggshells, in distress of "Offending" others by spoken communication what we know is the "Truth." Yes, "Perfect high regard casts out apprehension."



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