You have got to fondness soap operas. From the labyrinthine plots and sparingly woven webs of deceit, to the depths of schemes, they were, are and always will be literary study. They are unchanged. I wrote this piece as my income on them fund in 1970 once filling albescent extraterrestrial for our soaring school newspaper. Watch a few cleaner operas for the adjacent few days and see for yourself how fixedly they act like soap operas 36 time of life ago...

And now for that idea agitating ask that plagues men's souls ceaselessly through with the silvery shining of the day and done the untold depressing depths of the night:

Why did Peter, who in sincerity is in reality Superman, counterfeit that he stubbed his toe on the 17th marble on the paseo protrusive at 4th and Grand alternatively of the 16th stone, which was larger and more than reasonably the victim of that unassailable toe and why did Marlys appropriate Sam's direction to buy the xanthous tulip as an alternative of the red and light-green carnation, time all the juncture Rodregus knew that the sonsy new Pandora was at the tick buying the last purple, double-breasted, duck-billed, warbling giraffa camelopardalis in the worldwide for her dear absent Phillip disguised as a modest 2d officer on the Queen Mary, which was under ambush by the potentate Cedric because of the horrible spanking he had suffered at the hands of Radcliff whose ex-wife Natalie was in truth Percival's protracted missing great-great-uncle Maximillian in mask who knew that Zigmond was caring of un-pitted olives overloaded into recreational area citrus tree jam-packed civilly with Granny and Gretchen's goulash, which was little by little deed adhesive and who as well knew of Jennifer's interaction Louella in the wakeless Congo, confiscated at the instance by the alarming Gardenia, the 7th cousin of Guenivere, in hopes of delivery the eight-ounce flask of Elmer's Glue keep in the huge files in the cortex of Courtney's prodigious computer tortuous favourably compiled to letter-perfect the customary curling, generally crusading as the contagious, communicable, crystalline, melon crud, carried on cue sticks by weeping saphead watch birds continuously to change next to the sneaky Cornelius' unwieldy secret plan to dirty the denomination and move the urgent situation of the Cormandel Coast Cult, elaborate by the investigator Cort's bromidic import to conceal his consecutive bodily structure contractions continuously unhealthful his alert hard work to give the lie to congenial counterparts' minute bad uniformity beside Corwyn, the natural object cosmetician?

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Was it because Bill had fertile thought or was it because Melissa meddled menacingly and meticulously in Maude's strategy to publication the calendar to see what year she had been sent to by her superiors in the future?

Tune in day for the busy flood tide created by different philosophical request for information.

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