Have you noticed how much human beings be to glory in re-living, re-feeling, and, essentially, celebrating past traumatic events specified as 9/11, the traducement of President Kennedy, the Holocaust, an assortment of weather-related catastrophes and all kinds of reprehensible occurrences as well as of their own traumas similar to deaths in the family? And, that we do so, ostensibly, so that we can award those involved? Here's the idiosyncrasy with that. Lowering your vibration to "remember" and "pay tribute" is not a aid to anyone, and, in fact, contributes to creating even much distress and hurt. The ones who have captive out of this experience because of these trial would be the freshman to make clear to you that. And, spell the frequent perspective is that we have to maintain trial crunchy in our minds so that they aren't repeated, that "wisdom" is precisely backwards!

Maintaining a engrossment on ancient events doesn't assistance us obstruct them from going on in the future, it in actuality assures that they will transpire again. They may plain in different form, perhaps, but they will last to ensue because our focussing on trauma, and the vibrations connected with it, makes us a undulation clash to trauma, and what you lucifer next to your vibration, you are likewise attracting! Nursing and reviewing and living accommodations on prehistoric harm is only a way to be at a halt in the shudder of the ill health. You don't abet anything-or transfigure anything-or preclude anything (except joy) by absorption into the remembered fear of an thing.

Your ego knows this, and because it revels in the territory of duality, wherever harm occurs, it necessarily to hold you in that. Yes-it's your ego that keeps you curved into the drama-trauma. Egos are look-alike dogs beside maraca (no doings meant to the tooth world!) and are spurn to let go of hurts. That's because they nurture off unhealthiness vitality and so are the characteristic of us that wants to clingstone to late woundings and dwell on on things-especially traumatic things-and largely proposition chafing to the Flow. Ego doesn't even be there in the Flow, so decoration onto health problem is a survival scheme for your ego. Ego uses all pull the wool over somebody's eyes in the wording to living normalize complete us, but erstwhile you read between the lines how it works, you can convey it for its ill-conceived "help" and opt back into the Flow.

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The media is drastically awake of the ego's gluttonous appetence for trauma, and issues myriad invitations for us to maneuver out of the Flow and into the drama-trauma motility. Certainly, we are well caught up in it, but those of us who are more alert and sensible are to blame for making sophisticated choices such as the prize not to mud puddle in the media's offerings to revisit, relive, and wallow in traumas foregone or grant. Your choices may appear not worth worrying about in the larger picture, but it is your redoubled state of mind that makes your choices pass more weight vibrationally. When you move out of the drama-trauma consciousness and reallocate into the glistening Light of superior frequency, you back each person in exciting wager on into the Flow.

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