I am 73. Anyone nearer my age can think to quite a few of my sr. vigour ravings, and, by comparison, you youngsters can more than recognise your juvenile.

I have cataracts, and a contemporary eye examination indicated that I am motionless sighted 20/20 near glasses, to the degree that Medicare will not yet coat the charge of removing the cataracts, even if I airs a dynamical menace.

Fortunately, I am exceedingly cautious, and my wife is an top navigator, and if it isn't descending I can tolerate the bright listings of nighttime lights. My barb being, that neither Medicare, nor any in progress Government program, gives a comfort active the realities of Senior Citizens, together with the ludicrous prescription medication "help".

The mess is exact. It is planned to reclaim the Fed's currency. I worked for a mortgage loan organization for a few years, and the widespread Government programs inform me of these fantastic arty loaning programs for homeowners that are hyped to be to the consumer's positive aspect. Yeh, apt. And the guidance from your trade and industry consultant will depend totally on which avidity he/she is dead to the world next to.

Life essential modify. And as it has been said, it starts near you and me. God Bless America, and our Universe, but, to survive, we must go out and trounce the shrub border.



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