The MACS move up (minimal entree bone suspension lift up) was delineate as a improvement of the S-lift by a Belgian in-group in 2001. It was reported in the Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery journal, which is the basic medical log for integrative surgeons.

Essentially, it differs from a official rhytidoplasty in the succeeding ways:

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1. The incision is narrow to the fur line place preceding the ear and front to the ear. There is no wait bringing up the rear the ear.

2. The occupation of undermining, different a usual facelift, is such smaller and fundamentally involves a ration of the rudeness. Because within is smaller number undermining, the humour hand to the crust is overmuch more beefy and the technique is as a result safer in smokers. There is some less danger of any rind necrosis, unrelated another lifts.

3. Permanent closure sutures are nearly new to advance the inherent body part. These outdo descending to the neck, jowls and malar fat pad. Unlike plentiful otherwise facelifts which do not embrace important mid facade elevation the MACS lift up elevates the malar fat pad reaction the naso articulator folds.

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4. Because there is no undermining below the SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system) there is awfully paltry chance of mischief to the facial fibre bundle.

5. Because the undermining and cutting is overmuch more than fixed the remit good distension and puffiness is much less than in inborn facelifts and seizure is and so faster.

6. Because the malar fat pad is elevated it combines exceedingly capably next to lower lid blepharoplasty, as can be seen in the illustrations. It fundamentally reduces the height above sea level of the inferior palpebra bighearted a more than youthful, glossy visual aspect.

7. In well-nigh all cases liposuction is performed to the cervix country down the stairs the space of the mandible, both to transfer superfluity fat present and besides to clear up the elephant hide to allow it to be re-draped by the pause sutures.

8. In my belief the MACS elevate produces grades at lowest equivalent, or in utmost cases, better than a usual cosmetic surgery. It is ideally suited to the little enduring beside a sagging mid human face. In patients beside genuinely superfluous bark facility in the cervix region, it may be crucial in numerous cases to make an prick posterior to the ear to nick up this slack, but in maximum cases this is not essential.


The commercial activity is performed underneath a nonspecific insensible and best patients remain in clinic for two days station operatively. The operation across the world takes active iii hours and in well-nigh all cases should be joint with less lid blepharoplasty, as lifting up the malar fat pad besides lifts up the degrade eyelids and it is relatively ordinary to delete the extra tegument. Usually no more manual labour necessarily to be through to the fat pads because of the freeze of the malar span.

During the send out in operation night, the long-suffering is situated in a set large material bandage and two small non-suction drains are inserted bringing up the rear the ear. The wrapping is removed the successive day, along near the drains. Following this, a airy pull-up bandage is scruffy for one week. Following this, the uncomplaining ordinarily looks fairly reasonable, tho' location may be several residual bruising, outstandingly on all sides the view. This is processed with Arnica balm and squeeze on a twofold day after day cause.

Stitches in the inferior blepharoplasty scratch are removed at 3 days, those in head-on of the ears and cyclic stitches in the hairline are separate at 5 days and the enduring sutures in the hairline at ten life.

In my belief the MACS help is a of great magnitude encouragement in facial organic phenomenon surgery as it involves relatively weeny undermining and accordingly the recovery is faster. It as well has the focal assistance of on a winning streak the mid human face and malar field which other rhytidoplasty techniques do not be given to aid.

I use this breed of rhytidectomy now exclusively, and as I mentioned, in patients beside genuinely intense cervix buckskin overflow I would do a hind skin tone excision, but this is not requisite in 90% of patients.
This assist is ideally appropriate to the younger unhurried beside mid human face senescent changes and mild changes in the external body part.



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