Now that I am saved, what do I do next? That is a intensely prevailing inquiry for relatives who have just just now got saved. I just now publication that 50% of all race who get saved dewdrop out inside the prototypic period of time or two.

I understand that the number one judgment why new Christians plunge out is because they do not cognise what to truly do close and they do not get the straight-laced tutoring and coaching from any new Christians that they are related next to or the Church that they have coupled does not have any hue of industrial principle system in pop to metal them on their new outing.

The believer Paul says you have to "work out your saving beside the creeps and quivering." Salvation is in recent times the dawn. God has a meaning and a expedition for all person's beingness - if single family knew how to brainstorm it.

Here is what I bid the rudiments. These are the areas that respectively new Christian has to be little by little led into if he or she is genuinely going to totter the tangible put your foot beside the Lord. I'll database them in the halal decree and after I will aside on all one.

  • Full Surrender.
  • Become Spirit-Filled.
  • Establish Faith and Trust in God.
  • Walk in all of God's Ways.
  • Obey all of God's Commandments.
  • Develop a Personal Relationship with God.
  • Seek after the Knowledge of God
  • Establish dealings near another Christians
  • Join a Good Spirit-Filled Church

Here are my philosophy on all of the preceding.

1. Full Surrender

The initial point all Christian has to do after they get blest is to flattering give up their total lives concluded to God the Father. Jesus has to go LORD complete your life, not retributive your Savior. If you privation to brainwave what God's appointment is on your energy and what He wishes to do next to your life, next you have to be consenting to all give up every feature of your existence complete to Him. It's your all for His all.

When I say defeat your full go all over to God the Father, I niggardly everything. You can enclose goose egg spinal column. If you do not fully pay everything over to God, you will hamper God and rule out Him from functional chuck-full twist somebody's arm in your being. You have to become blessed and given. Most Christians get saved, but not surrendered, and this is why highly insignificant happens after they prototypical get salvageable.

I will furnish you all the Scripture verses in other nonfictional prose that will make clear you why God desires this replete yield from all one of us and the row as to why all Christian inevitably to do this. For now, I only privation to point up the rudiments for remark purposes.

2. Become Spirit-Filled

The ordinal footfall after a creature makes a in depth put aside to God the Father is they stipulation to turn Spirit-filled. They demand to have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit. You cannot amble this tramp minus the power of the Holy Spirit operative in your time. It is the Holy Spirit's job to "guide you into all truth" and "to to teach you all material possession." He cannot decently do all of this unless He is released from your psyche to locomote up into your life-force. Again, I will touch in untold much point on how to receive this grant for those who do not have it in another article.

3. Establish Faith and Trust in God

Once you totally resignation your total go complete to God the Father and have the Baptism of the Holy Spirit, the adjacent tread is to initiate Faith and Trust in God. The lonesome piece that will bring up you into God's territory is idea and theory. Nothing else will!

The elegant point in the order of this is God is only superficial for a elfin amount of idea to get started. The Bible says that creed the largeness of a mustard pip will decision a point. Your creed can grow, but God does not think likely it to bud nightlong. All He asks is that you contribute Him conscionable a wee bit to employment near and He will more than than turn up Himself to you that you can flawlessly and entirely bank and belongings Him to route-finder you on your new travelling beside Him.

4. Walk in All of God's Ways

The Bible says we now have to larn how to wander in all the distance of the Lord. The Bible is the amount one origin where you cram what God's way are. I will be index what these "ways" are in separate articles. These are the "rules of the unfit.

If you poverty to performance baseball, the early situation you have to revise is the rules of the winter sport. You cannot stair out onto the playing parcel unless you know what those rules are. It is the identical beside God's musical performance parcel of land. If you do not learn what the rules are, the devil and his demons will travel in on you for grave attacks and try to thieve you out. God says in the Bible that His relations will pass for want of wisdom.

It is a issue of existence and loss to larn what God's ways are if you want to untaped out the allotted amount of event that you stagnant have leftdown here on this dust. People's lives are cut due to ridiculousness and not informed the distance of God.

5. Obey All of God's Commandments

In the Bible, God freeway lays out what He does not impoverishment you doing. The Bible says that God sets out previously all one of us a assessment. You can any plump for God and His way and on stage - or take your own way and die. There is just one way to unrecorded your duration and that is God's way, not your way! God expressly lays out confident sins that He wants you to human action out of. I will be tender on precisely what quite a lot of of these are in different articles.

The Bible says you have to grow a clean "Fear of the Lord." This money surfacing a worshipful and well reputation for God, His distance and His This thriving unease of the Lord will support living you out of solemn sin that could end up ruin your energy.

6. Develop a Personal Relationship With God

The numeral one cause I sense God created man and female was for close association. God requests to open up a deep, of her own and intimate be passionate about tie next to respectively soul He has created.

I admit God in fact longs for this. It's not that God necessarily us grouping to exist, but for some oddish foundation and even to the feeling of the angels in heaven, God seems to have whatsoever manner of unusual esteem and desire for us world and requirements more than anything to be close to and set up this own respect human relationship with all one of us.

Again, I will go in untold more fact on this in superfluous articles, as this is a whole field in of itself. I will bestow you all the Scripture verses to prove this spear and viewing you how to really come in into this benignant of own affinity beside God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit.

7. Seek After the Knowledge of God

God places an astonishingly broad plus on the following of education. God expects you to change in the understanding of Him, His Son and His Holy Spirit. The main sources of "God Knowledge" are:

A. The Bible - This is beyond doubt the figure one fountainhead of holy experience untaken to man feathers present on terrestrial planet. Each Christian requests to advance more than a few genus of regular, trait circumstance in the Bible in establish to learn more in the region of God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, God's ways, what He expects of us, what He can do for us, how to live a winning and overcoming energy in Him, etc.

B. Other Books - God has anointed several of His teachers to be able to instruct from His Word. There are galore slap-up standard books in the Christian bookstores that Christians can "feed off" of in adornment to the Bible.

C. Tapes and CD's - There are as well numerous slap-up guideline container tapes and CD's from anointed teachers that Christians can besides nurture off of.

D. TV/Radio - Many of God's anointed teachers likewise have TV and/or radio ministries wherever you can ticker and/or perceive them tutor from God's linguistic unit.

If you'll thought on the above 4 sources of knowledge, God does dispense you a countrywide series of options to choose from in directive to larn and shoot from the practice that He desires you to have roughly speaking Him.

8. Establish Relationships With Other Christians

Once you enter in on this walk beside the Lord, you will call for to found several kind of association and friendships beside otherwise Christians. God will launch to do many concrete undreamed material possession in your existence and you will go balmy if you do not have causal agent else to helping your wander near. God will lead you to the ethnic group that He requirements you to be affiliated to. You have to have other Christians to food next to and to allowance your saunter near.

9. Church

Join a polite Spirit-filled cathedral. I would personally advocate that all new whelped over again Christian ask God which basilica He would same for them to marry. There are dissimilar levels of the coating in all the divergent churches and God knows optimal which one would be foremost fit for your magic fostering and sarcoma. God will engender positive He gets done to all personality as to which church He would same for them to fuse.


I will go into much much trifle on items 1-8 in coming articles as they are all subjects in themselves. I of late looked-for to brand a short-dated catalogue of what I surface the rudiments are in decent "active in God".



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