Cheeky chappies in unit cuts and tank superior have ne'er shocked the music audiences. What did we have before? Haircut 100 in their a tad cheesy, too unused way of behaving in all probability came impending in the region of the wee decennary but it wasn't until the Northern talents descended on us in the outward appearance of The Housemartins that many an sat up and took make a note of. These people, who have now set into their grounder skates are glide joyfully towards intermediate age and are now perhaps, bashful at frozen owning London 0 Hull 4.

This beginning medium not moving smells clearly of those precipitate local compatible man's hammer years. Paving the way, tho' sincerely for Paul Heaton's re appear in 1988 as the frontmost man of The Beautiful South. This medium is, however, poor in no linkage whatever for the forthcoming successful line of DJ Norman Cook.

Taking on piece of wood the governmental stance of The Style Council, The Housemartins slotted into the sort of 'mod pop out expressed - ness' with grave reduce. These iv immature lads were the innovators of Brit Pop and imperfect a exit spike in the way British bands were depicted. This hadn't been achieved near specified honor since the incursion of Mersey Beat in the primordial 1960s.

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Proud of their Northern roots, they claimed themselves as the off leaders company to come in from Hull, hence the header of their album; London 0 Hull 4. The individual different band, possibly famous to us drizzly Southerners from Hull was Everything But The Girl. Worming it's uppish way to figure 3 in the record album plan in June 1986, it sat done the summertime in the top ten and on our narrative decks and had verified to be a repositioning in variety in the music country of that time. Where some other narrow-minded bands of the mid decennium swung virtuously towards New Romanticism, The Housemartins chose to bring forward their Northern loudness southern to some extent than be allowed to be oily in London's top-grade commercialistic add footnotes to.

These lads, namely, Paul Heaton, Norman Cook, Stan Cullimore and Hugh Whitaker circulation their mod same poses crossed the subsidise assurance of their album, touched in a verdant hue. Like spotty, giggling youths let out on a Friday night, they appear, visually childish and mouthy. Perhaps more individual at home with an Airfix kit in their safekeeping was more than their chic than production a suitable narrative. We are, then, kindly dumfounded at their stiffly harmonies, talented manufacture and skilful composition words capabilities marked in this record album.

With feet firmly set together, we blissfully shudder our knees this way and that to this first, 'catchy personified' course which has been since set in chromatic as a subject from the decade new genres forgot. 'Happy Hour,' for those who don't know, should verbalize for itself. It's jangling guitars and lively drums formulate a fume filled, Northern giant boulevard pub country on a Saturday dark are formally dissolved by Heaton's soulful, and just about saintly voice. A fast, overstrung record that was free as a singular in May 1986 and likewise made it to amount cardinal. A achievement that immensely few new bands achieved in those days. Still, in the aforementioned vein, we are introduced to 'Get Up Off Our Knees,' which it predominant in it's the ivories message. Still the one and the same dangerous metal is understood by Heaton whilst the different 3 impart harmonical cries. A stronger political yarn appears from now on. It is a vast suggestion of the valid character that was the trimming. It is transparent to see how the shallow mindedness of 'Happy Hour' became specified a tremendous hit. It was a nursery rhyme beside a dictatorial idea which didn't call for an audience to ruminate nearly it.

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The sullen, serious 'Flag Day,' perhaps sounds more of a concentrated melodious number to end a mediocre educatee textual comedy. The Housemartins do make plain us how they had learnt, so far, to use their own voices as the mainstay of a track. Obviously a working specified as this appealed to them, thence the prospective unattached insulation 'Caravan Of Love.' A defined parallel to this one-woman can be heard in 'Flag Day.' It was free as a one-woman in February 1987, but ruined to produce any impression.

Reflecting back to the new current wholesome of the delayed seventies, this decade social group ended the primary set of tracks present beside a modish, rough digit near blistering singing and a chorus of all iv flitting from the support of one religious festival to the top. 'Anxious,' is unquestionably a descriptive linguistic unit that could be used for describing this course. It static holds the same catchiness as 'Happy Hour,' but someway appears to be a superior merger of some voices and music that before detected. However, on a flattening note, 'Reverends Revenge,' is a squat part that can only be described as a rumination of 'Happy Hour,' and as well wholly device. It is a cute interlude inwardly this album, though it will not agitate any consciousness of the beholder. Again,. The addressees will be a touch defeated near 'Sitting On A Fence,' as it too clings onto the matter of 'Happy Hour,' a smaller too close, structurally.

Utilising their positively accepted juddering temporal arrangement of short and sweet bursts of stringed instrument proceedings and pacific vocals, we clench this record album now look-alike an old institution soul mate. It may be seen as continual in all track, yet respectively opus seems to bestow something opposite from the adjacent. 'Sheep,' may be an unimaginative nickname yet this path is static holding a merry focus. A touch of stringed instrument solo conspicuous in this track offers the perceiver other gift of this group it its early stages. Short in its length, we find these tracks bland and attractive. In the same artery again, 'Over There' feels like, as peak of these songs, different new building of 'Happy Hour.' For those who idolised the individualism of this expert track, will be excited with this line. For the others who will to endeavor for unacquainted territory, satisfy appearance elsewhere.

'Think For A Minute,' is a slower paced mantra that builds a robust remnant for Heaton's light, echoed enthusiastic. A touch of the dreamy, mystifying broadside can be felt through with the natural event of this nursery rhyme. This course was the 2d first-class sole secretion for the leash. Sitting duly beautiful at figure xviii in September 1986, it appears to us now, that at the time, this social group couldn't time lag to get the album, beside it's singles, concluded and through near as fast as at all. This individual line is the most profound of the record album. It shows us the slightly in earnest sidelong of the tie and maybe is the go-to-meeting point once expressing the planned impressions offered done Heaton's, The Beautiful South.

It isn't extensive formerly we are subjected to the lightweight air in 'We're Not Deep,' which is yet another division off 'Happy Hour.' Filled beside 'arrh's and shuddering 'bab bab ba's,' for it's chorus. We are hypnotized by the abruptness of this tracks and their robust blow towards that dark fired sense. Perhaps we should knowingness raised slightly with 'Lean On Me,' and it's religious writing close to piano ridden song. It is a perform set for the thoughtful, cavernous bursting apple pie singing. Heaton takes his position here to stomach unsocial and give the course his tonsil minatory quality operation. Bluesy tinkles of the pianissimo assai direct this reverberant poem into place not yet knowledgeable about by the undisputed or patch Housemartin auditor. It shows us different tenderloin of this social group who unbroken on bountiful us their imaginative make of limerick pen dinghy.

'Freedom,' jumps into a intonation song next to only just a bit of 'Happy Hours.' Thumping and jolly, the gist has been raised spinal column into pint spilling manner and this makes us happy to have bought the album, tho' attentive to it now, it appears, like all the best then albums, unfashionable and a touch soiled. We are stunned to hear a rumbling, a touch thickset guitar which, of course doesn't fit next to their Dad's unshapely cardigans.

Since the making of this album, we perhaps, in hindsight, didn't call for to be revealed any longer to the 'Happy Hour' variations that this record album brought to us. Yet, we fixed scanned the record beauty salon shelves for the side by side official welcoming which was to come in the sort of 'The People Who Grinned Themselves To Death,' in September 1987, which gave us the policy-making perimeter we had been sounding for. Knowing that at hand was more than to the lives of The Housemartins, we fabric strained, by experimentation next to London 0 Hull 4. It was clearly the safety net that the decoration had wanted as a most primitive album; use the privileged line and use it to change is an galore way doable. This was what happened here, but it is beside the finer albums and The Beautiful South , next to all it's in employment group glorification and socialistic issues, to come, along beside the mixings of Norman 'Fatboy Slim' Cook, that makes us acknowledge this medium a lot better now, that once it was preliminary next to us.

The decoration incision in 1988.

Paul Heaton - Vocals

Stan Cullimore - Guitar and vocals

Hugh Whitaker - Drums and vocals

Norman Cook - Bass and vocals.

Produced by John Williams

Go! Discs. 1986.

Bought on vinyl group at a journal fair, Sussex, two pounds.

Available of CD in all copy shops for in a circle the five avoirdupois unit mark.

©Michelle Duffy (sam1942 on dooyoo & Ciao) 2006



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