I have discovered demonstration of a real-life Holy War occurring in the South Seas. One of the contenders in the Holy War is the John Frum Movement. This motility is peace-loving but will conflict when angry. This promotion is a Cult on the coral island of Tanna in Vanuatu, in the South Pacific. They glorify a man they have called John Frum. The Islanders suppose that John Frum is an American who will move vertebrae for them someday. The Islanders are a flag-waving spray who struts circa beside the American Flag and exhausting uniforms beside badges, hoping that these events will tempt John Frum to move fund to the isle.

The Movement has demonstrated a day that recognizes the basic incident they upraised the American Flag. This faith proves more patriotic than record Americans. The struggle began back in War World II when Americans were stationed in the South Pacific. This time was a shaping trice for the Cult. The John Frum Movement has existed peacefully for cardinal geezerhood hoping for the arrival of John Frum. Who is this Frum character you may possibly be wondering? Rumor has it that he was a War World II American GI.

The battles of the operation do not landed estate planned arms or bombs; instead, they concern the use of slingshots and bows and arrows. The positive way to tempt the category into a skirmish is to humiliate their American pennant. They have as of new battled a separatist league that desires to intelligence the island and grip Christianity. Missionaries journey unvaryingly to the desert island with piquant into concerted debates and half-size battles as to why the John Frum Movement should clasp Christianity. Typically, to standstill these debates or pocket-sized battles, reconciliatory ceremonies are performed beside pigs existence offered to both sides.

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The operation celebrates out nation's way of life span. They have dreams that exist of refrigerators and airplanes. They privation what they recognize that the American GI represented; an American manner. These islanders in the South Pacific appreciate our way of energy far-more than Americans do. The drive fixates on our society piece hoping they too will be able to allotment in the American Dream.

I brainwave this passion strange; however, I do pay tribute to their patriotism, devotion and friendliness for our way of duration. Will Christianity supplant in their brawl for land domination? Only case will tell, but I can safely articulate that the John Frum Movement is liveborn and very well. The jingoistic cluster has no policy to abandon their reliance or fixations anytime before long.

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